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Dry Remedy For Hair

Aveda has launched a Dry Remedy Oil that moisturizes dry, brittle hair up to 41%

This treatment controls frizz and tames flyaways. But remember first you must have a great haircut for the foundation of your style.

Dry Hair Cuts

Have you ever had a dry Hair Cut ? Why have a dry Hair cut ? I like to cut hair dry so I can see the natural wave pattern and hair texture. When you get hair cut dry it is more true to the natural lay of your hair.

Dry Summer Hair?

You need to adapt your summer beauty regimen to the hot summer heat. Harmful UV rays can dry out your hair as well as your skin. Be sure to use conditioners, especially shampoos and conditioners with UV protection. Ask your stylist what you can do to tame dry frizzy hair that is a result ofContinue Reading

Do You Have Frizzy Hair Challanges ???

Humid Summer weather contributes greatly to frizz . What are some of your  hair issues? I will come up with some possible solutions for you. Jim

Curly Hair Challanges

Do you have a challange getting your curly hair cut into a  style that you like? Curly hair is cut differently from straight or wavy hair. Let me know what curly  hair challanges that you encounter. Jim

Love Long Hair?

Whenever I consult with long hair clients most women tell me that their husband or boy friend like long hair. I am taking an informal poll. How many of you with long hair keep it long for the man in your life?  

Is Anyone Listening?

Does your stylist  listen to what you want?  How many times have you asked for an inch of hair to be trimmed and ended up with 3″ or 4″ on the floor?  I am curious, please let me know if this is  a common occurance. Jim


So, Do you need bangs? What kind of bangs?  Swoop bangs, layerd bangs, Straight  bangs, or no bangs.   I have learned that bangs are sooooo personal. Let me know your thoughts and challanges.

Fall Color Lowlites

This is a good time of year  to add dimensional lowlites to blonde hair or Lite brown hair This is a good way to make a nice change for fall and winter. What do you think?

Do You Want Thicker Hair?

Aveda recently rolled out ” invati” an organic Hair System that provides solutions for thinng hair.  The invati system includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a scalp Revitalizer.  Hair Extensions are another  great solution to  add thickness and length to thinning hair.